Sellers, Ron & Carrie L.

“Carl, thank you so very much. After months and months of trying to sell our home the traditional way, you brought us a buyer in less than two weeks! Your rent-to-own sales method is definitely the way to go, especially in today’s chaotic real estate market.  Your service is fulfilling a vital need for both buyers and sellers.  Your integrity and dedication to producing a win-win situation for all is impressive.  We would highly recommend you and your organization to anyone who wants to buy or sell property!”

Sellers, John & Tracie S.

“At first I was skeptical of how to go about selling my house in a non-traditional manner. I had always thought that you really only sold a house by listing it with a Realtor. But this  can sometimes be an expensive and time consuming way to get your sold. The Prive team  helped me realize that my goal was to make it easy to market our house in a way that appealed to many different buyers. In talking to neighbors who had their houses for sale in the traditional way, we had as many interested buyers in one week as they had in a month. While other houses had been sitting on the market for 6+ months, we found a buyer in 2 weeks.  This is definitely the way to go. We didn’t list our house – we sold it!”

Buyers, Mike & Sherri L.

“We really appreciate what you are doing for us and for other people.  We wish there were more people like you out there.  We appreciate your excellent plan in helping us buy our home! This is the best thing that has happened to us in a long time.  Things are really looking up.  We’re enjoying the house tremendously and our neighbors are great too!!  Our best to you and your family!”

Seller, Melissa F.

“Before Carl’s company helped me, I had no idea what “owner will finance” meant. The more I learned the more I understood that this was a great option for me. The process was simple, clearly laid out, and only 3 weeks into the offering, we had 5 applications and two serious applicants. We closed with a great candidate 4 weeks after the sign went in the yard. In today’s economy, this was a great option for me and I have provided a great home to a great candidate who may otherwise had to rent an apartment. I moved the property much faster than I would have through a traditional buy/sell transaction, and avoided paying a Realtor commission. This was an all around win-win.”

Buyers, Nadine and Andy

“Thank you so much for the personalized welcome basket. It was so unexpected. we appreciate your thoughtfulness. We absolutely love the house, and are so happy to start our married lives here.”