Custom Home Finders Program

How It Works in 30 seconds or less

1. You complete the HomeFinder Form and render the initial good faith escrow

2. We search for homes matching your description and/or you submit properties you are interested in

3. We contact the seller, ensure the home isn’t in foreclosure, negotiate the deal and schedule a showing

4. You tour the home. If you like it, you can move in that day. If it doesn’t work, we simply do it again until we find the perfect home.

 How Much Time Are You Wasting?

Searching for Rent to Own Houses on your own?

Finding house for Rent To Own doesn’t have to be such a challenge!

And once you find a Rent To Own home, are you worried about meeting the owner’s credit qualifications?

Don’t waste another minute explaining your personal situation to homeowners!

Let us save you the time and embarrassment of explaining to multiple sellers why your credit isn’t perfect in hopes that they will give you a second chance!

Introducing Finance the Dream’s Custom HomeFinder Program!

Our program is designed to help people just like YOU find and secure houses for rent to own.  Because we understand that your needs are unique, we’ve developed a new level of service to help you find a home should one of our inventory homes not work for you.

How can we help you?

Once you’ve complete our simple enrollment form below we will begin to present homes to you. Once we have located homes that match your description, we will contact the sellers on your behalf. We will then negotiate with and enter into a contract between the sellers and our company to have the home enrolled into our inventory. That’s right! We will personally get properties under contract for YOU!

Once we’ve done this, you can go see the homes and determine if they work for you. You will never have to talk to the seller!

That’s right:

* No phone calls to determine if the sellers are interested in offering rent to own housing!
* No lengthy conversations explaining your financial and past credit situation
* No hoping they will understand
* No feeling awkward!
* No chance of being turned down after you’ve seen it and fallen in love!

We will handle everything for you!

You can sit back and not worry about anything but packing!

Many times a seller who would turn you down personally, is more than happy to lease option through our program. In fact, we have helped numerous clients get into homes that they personally couldn’t get into because the seller would not lease to them directly.


Often, they just aren’t familiar with the concept of  Rent to Own or a Lease Option. You may do this once in your life. We do it everyday. Because we are professionals, we have the skills necessary to communicate how the deal works, why they should lease to someone with less than perfect credit and how it is a good deal for them. (It is a good deal by the way! Our deals are all a Win-Win.)

Also, it is a lot easier for us to “sell” you than for you to go groveling and hope they will give you a shot. Sure, you may have had problems in the past. But you are past that and there are still a lot of reasons why you make a good tenant and future homeowner! For instance, you are serious enough about your future to enroll in our program! You’ve got a good job. You will be in credit repair and working with a Loan Officer to ensure that you will qualify for a mortgage. You are willing to have your monthly payment made by auto-draft.

All of these things help the seller understand that you are serious and committed to becoming a homeowner.

So what is the next step?

Simply sign up for the Custom HomeFinder Service!

Now we wish we could provide our service to everyone free of charge.

In fact, we once did.

The problem is that we ended up spending hours finding homes for people that simply weren’t serious or committed to being a homeowner. They were all talk, and as you know, talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words.

Many times, after having a staff member spend an entire day searching for houses for rent to own, we’d call someone only to find out that they really didn’t have cash for a deposit or they were in a lease that didn’t expire for another six months. (Oops! They forgot to mention that!)

The truth is, when we did this for free people were very happy to waste our time. We love helping people, we HATE having our time and money wasted! 

What does the HomeFinder Program cost?

$997.00, credited back to you and goes toward your option deposit which is directly deducted from the purchase price!

The cost of the Custom HomeFinder Program is fully credited to you at contract execution and applies towards your required option fee or down payment. For example, if you are purchasing a property with a required down payment or option fee of $4,000 and you selected our Platinum Service, you would only need an additional $3012 plus your first month’s payment at contract execution ($4000-$988=$3012)

Sign Up below. We look forward to helping you rent to own a house.

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I understand that there is a processing fee of $997.00 that is required to enroll in the Custom Home Finder Program.  I understand that I will also be required to look for homes and bring them to Prive Investments LLC to call the Sellers.  If I am approved for the program and Prive Investments LLC does not present to me at least one home within my criteria within 60 days of the receipt of payment, my processing fee will be refunded.  If I am not approved to enter into the Custom Home Finder Program, my processing fee will be refunded.  In all other cases, payments are non-refundable.