Property Location: 1692 E Kossuth St, Columbus, OH 43206

Description:   Great Condition! 3 bed, 1 bath home in great condition. Property rents at $750 per month. Property has fresh wood flooring in the living room and tile in the kitchen. Repairs include carpet replacement or cleaning in the bedrooms and replace a 10X10 square of aluminum siding and window trim from the recent wind storm. Property has detached garage. Appraised value is 60K.

Real Quest Property Evaluation

Property Card

Cash Purchase Analysis

Acquisition Cost = $28,000
Rehab Cost =           $1,800 (Carpet and Aluminum Siding Repair, and labor)
Closing Cost @ 3% = $840
Total Purchase Cost = $30,640 (30K Equity)

Cap Rate Analysis

Gross Income @ $750.00 per month rent = $9,000
Expenses – $1063 (Tax) – ($400) Insurance
NOI = $7537

$7,537 (NOI)
$30,640 (Purchase Cost)

Annualized Return = 25%

@10% Vacancy Rate = 22%

Pays for itself in 4 years!

Terms: Cash, Hard money, Line of Credit

Viewing Instructions: Drive by; Call to view

Important = 28K is net to seller

Call 614-636-1361




Bedroom/Spare Room


3rd bedroom


Living Room



Dining Area

dining room


Master Bedroom

bedroom main


2nd Bedroom (Just painted a neutral color) New pic coming soon!

bedroom 2


Basement with Drywall walls



 Aluminum Siding

Side Exterior


Front of House


 Front of House and Detached Garage


 Missing 10X10 Square of Siding and Trim

Siding Replacement